Al-Jazeera sells freshly prepared chicken to most of the leading supermarkets across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as well as to a large number of independent grocers directly or through brokers and distributors.

Under the Al-Jazeera brand, we sell a full line of fresh, cut up and whole chickens that lead the retail industry in flavour and product quality. Our customers are increasingly looking to us to generate fresh, and innovative ideas that are built around convenience, quality and value. And we are delivering on that promise through a wide variety of products that are healthier, easier to prepare and more delicious than ever.

In addition to our full line of branded products, Al-Jazeera sells private label (store brand) product to supermarket chains across the country. These retailers rely on us to actively identify consumer preferences and develop products to meet those needs. We are committed to meeting those needs but also to serving our customer retailers by consistently delivering high-quality products that will help them succeed and deliver value to their shoppers.

Al-Jazeera is an industry leader in providing quality chicken products to supermarkets across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan because we are focused on actively identifying consumer preferences and developing products consumers want.

Al-Jazeera is committed to meeting the needs of our customer retailers not only by consistently delivering high-quality products, but also by helping them with tips for cooking and merchandising products. Our goal is to partner with managers and to help them succeed in meeting the needs of their shoppers, by providing fresh and convenient meal solutions.

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