Under the Al-Jazeera brand, we sell fresh whole chickens that lead the industry in flavour and product quality. Consistent with the restaurants value proposition, we sell fresh chicken products that meet the never-ending high demands of restaurants. Be it chicken for Grilling, Barbequing, Shawarma, or Roasting, Al Jazeera provides a great quality service and convenience, making cooking easier, quicker and healthier.

Consumers rely on us to provide cut up fresh chicken products. In keeping with our dedication to providing those consumers wholesome and healthy products, we provide custom-made marinated fresh chicken products to our customers to enhance flavour. In fact, consumer testing determined our service of custom-made marinated product was preferred over theirown in-house marinated products, allowing restaurant cooks to use what they need immediately and then store the rest, saving time and eliminating messiness.

From rotisserie chicken and fried chicken to Shawarma sandwiches and wings, we are clearly focused on providing value-conscious consumers with high-quality, great-tasting meal solutions. Drawing from our extensive experience in food service, we work hard to develop delicious products for consumers to eat in-store or at home.We are committed to meeting the needs of our customer restaurants by consistently delivering high-quality products that will help them succeed and deliver value to their guests. Here again, our goal to partner with chefs and to help them enjoy success in meeting the desired flavours of their guests.

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