Al Jazeera Agriculture Company sells fresh chicken to local and regional butcher shops throughout The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Foodservice operators are increasingly purchasing fresh chicken products, which allow them to reduce labour costs while providing greater product consistency, quality and variety across all shop locations. Al Jazeera is well positioned to meet their requirements because we are able to ensure supply, demonstrate innovation and new product development and provide competitive pricing.

Independent butcher shops find Al Jazeera products attractive due to our quality and food safety programs, multiple manufacturing sites with the newest technology, and our innovative new product development resources. Al Jazeera Agriculture continues to provide high quality, innovative products to the chain restaurant segment.

Our further processing facilities, with a wide range of capabilities, are particularly well suited to the high-volume production as well as low-volume custom production runs necessary to meet both the capacity and quality requirements of the foodservice market. And finally, we have established a reputation for dependable quality, highly responsive service and excellent technical support.

Additionally, as a result of the experience and reputation developed with larger customers, we have increasingly become the principal supplier to mid-sized foodservice organizations. And we are a leader in utilizing advanced processing technology, which enables us to better meet our customers' needs for product innovation, consistent quality and cost efficiency. We are committed to our foodservice customers' success and will continue to work hard to consistently provide them with high-quality products and excellent customer service.

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