Chicken Feed

What distinguishes us:

  • Al Jazeera Feed is the best product with the lowest cost in terms of the weight of the bird and the life of the sale.
  • Al Jazeera feed gives the highest growth rates and the best conversion coefficient.
  • Our feed is free of pathogens such as fungal toxins, salmonella and clostridia.
  • Animal feed contains the best types of feed additives.
  • Animal feed is a 100% vegetable feed and does not contain animal products such as meat, bone meal, feather powder and fish that cause many bacterial diseases.
  • Animal feed contains the best corn and soy in the world.

Thus, we guarantee you, better conversion, less diseases, lower consumption of medicines and lowerdeath rate.


We are leading the industry in providing excellent services to customers and dealing on the basis that the client isa partner inour success and our advancement.

Al Jazeera offers excellent services to customers through:

- To pay attention to the quality of the product and send it with the best means of transportation and to ensure the maximum application of maximum levels of biosecurity.

- Provide all veterinary medical consultations for breeders as well as free visits to farms in order to maintain excellent customer satisfaction and highest productivity. These visitsare made by a number of consultants in the diseases and nutrition of poultry.

Our products

1- Poultry Feed

- Feed before the initiator
- Starter Feed
- Growth Feed
- Mature Feed

2- Poultry Feed for Mothers

- Starter Feed
- Growth Feed
- Feed the pre-production stage
- Feed production stage 1
- Feed production stage 2
- Feed for the Roosters

3- Poultry Feed for Grandparents

- Starter Feed
- Growth Feed
- Feed the pre-productionstage
- Feed production stage 1
- Feed production stage 2
- Feed for the Roosters


Contact Us

P.O. Box 1604 Amman, 11821 Jordan
Tel: +962 6 586 5682
Fax: +962 6 586 5942