We, at Al-Jazeera Group, strive to be on the leading edge of quality control in our industry. As a result, we often go beyond what is required by international standards to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products available, which is one of the principal reasons why we insist on formulating our own feed and operating our own hatcheries. We are proud to be a fully integrated chicken production company. We want to maintain as much of our product’s environment as humanly possible so that we can safely assure our consumers that the items they purchase are wholesome, delicious and, above all, safe.

Al-Jazeera Chicken will differentiate customer menus and drive consumers to seek the brand at their favourite restaurants and supermarkets, alike. In addition to ISO 22000 and HACCP2016 certifications, we are committed to heightened transparency by providing more information about how chickens are raised and processed.

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