Al Jazeera Agriculture Company produces and markets fresh, refrigerated chicken for sale to quick-service restaurant chains, delicatessens and other customers throughout Jordan that prefer to cook the chicken in-house.

These chickens are usually of specific weight ranges and are usually pre-cut to customer specifications. They are often marinated to enhance value and product differentiation. By growing and processing to customers' specifications, we are able to assist quick-service restaurant chains in controlling costs and maintaining quality and size consistency of chicken pieces sold to the consumer.

Al Jazeera Agriculture Company has become the primary or secondary supplier to regional and national chain restaurants who require multiple suppliers of chicken products. Additionally, we are well suited to be the sole supplier for many regional chain restaurants. All of this is due to our operational strengths in terms of full-line product capabilities, high-volume production capacities, research and development expertise and extensive distribution and marketing experience. We are committed to our foodservice customers' success and will continue to work hard to consistently provide them with high-quality products and excellent customer service.

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Tel: +962 6 586 5682
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