One of the companies of Al Jazeera Agricultural Group is Thuraya Hatchery Company, which is based on the lands of the industrial city of Al Thuraya, 100 km from the Jordanian capital Amman.

From the impact of the growth that took place in the region, as well as significant development in the poultry industry, the expansion of the company and increase in demand for broiler chicken produced by the company, Al Jazeera’s agricultural demand multiplied. This in turn inspired the idea for a hatching company.

The establishment of the project in 2014 necessitated finding a plot of land within the industrial area, in order to remain close to the logistics services for shipping, the main international roads and vital installations. The land also had to be equipped with a distinctive drainage infrastructure, land extensions and appropriate elevations for download under the supervision of experienced engineers. The company’s staff ensures future expansions are done in the right way, as well as t The selection of the latest and most modern metal structure and walls that lessen the cost of insulation from the outside and employ air conditioning and cooling units, are done so as to ensure pure air inside the hatchery.

The machines belong to the latest technologies, used by the high leading hatchery companies. Additionally, the following were installed:

- High-efficiency chillers in the egg halls that achieve the speed of air, heat and humidity in accordance to the quantity of the observatories

- Egg counting and sorting machines where eggs are placed and sorted, and pick out those that adhere to the standard weight required and exclude those that are broken or otherwise damaged

- Egg laying machines that are directly related to the staging machine so that the eggs are arranged correctly in the dishes for the hatchery

- High-density incubation machines and egg-feeding according to egg weight, as well as self-contained temperature and oxygen moisture required

- Fertilization machines so that during the transfer of eggs from incubation to the hatcheries they are placed in a modern, appropriate machine

- Washing and sterilizing machines so that all dishes, cages and supporting equipment are washed after each use to ensure quality

- Packaging machines where the eggs are processed and placed in cartons

- The project contains an isolated building equipped with the latest heating and cooling equipment, as well as two stores for the storage of eggs; the first equipped with egg whites, the second containing the packaging machine for export, the incubation machines, the hatchery, sorting rooms, sauce, area dedicated to vaccines, washbasin for cages, backup generator, water purification plant, maintenance building and storage facilities for the spare parts of the desalination plant. The production capacity of the hatchery reaches 50 million annual salads, which are developed in the company's farms and sold to the local or regional markets.

- There are a number of cars fitted to the hatchery to transfer the sauce from the hatchery to the farms.

- To ensure the quality of the product sauce, periodic swabs and samples of the produced sauce are taken to examine the efficiency of the sterilizers used.

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