The Thuraya Grain Feed Company was founded in order to ensure the sustainability of integrated production, to avoid the price-rise of raw materials and global control of feed prices, and to strengthen the food security of the country. Founded in 2015 and located within the territory of the industrial city of Thuraya, an industrial development 100 km from Amman, the territory of the industrial area is large and near the logistics, sufficient for a large number of loaded trucks and streets equipped with the availability of public services for visitors.

Al-Thuraya Feed Company includes two silos, storage warehouses and a Thuraya feed plant.

Silos and warehouses for raw materials include 6 silos and large storage capacity with fast transport conveyors for unloading and packing where the trucks usually take approximately 25-30 minutes to unload 30 tons of corn. It is loaded through suspended silos that are poured onto the conveyor. The silos contain an internal ventilation system, suction fans, internal air switches, and an anti-fungal spray house.

The feeding plant contains three main lines:

  • Gravel Mixing Line
  • Concentration Line
  • Granular Line

Which allow all plant fodder mixtures to meet the needs of the company and the local and regional markets. It additionally contains the raw materials warehouse, and the silo and the reservoir by helical vectors.

The site contains tanks, trucks, forklifts, water tank, water purification plant, backup engines, fuel tanks, control and control rooms, maintenance workshops, and spare parts warehouses. It also contains a central sound system and monitoring by means of connections between all sections with filters to avoid any faults and to ensure safety of workers, workers' homes and the administration building.

Al Jazeera Shaving Wood Factory:

Due to the expansion of Al-Jazeera Agricultural Company, it has developed the auxiliary production units to meet the needs of the company and the local and regional market. Al-JazeeraShaving wood factory , which was established in 2015, and produces shaving wood which helps in, maintainings optimal health conditions and prevents bird skin infections, as well as collecting the stool and improving cleaning and sterilization.

Raw wood is imported from European markets and processed in the factory to produce special, distinguished products.

Factory Contents:

-Warehouses for the storage of raw wood
- Conveyors and cranes for wood for raw materials
- Two separate production lines, each of which first cut the pieces of wood into small parts, and grind them. They work in a manner suitable for the chicks and do not contain a high percentage of dust.The sterilizer contains a magnet that picks up all metal impurities and sterilizes the varnish.
-Woodworking packaging
-Buckets in the form of sealing bins
- Prefabricated wood storage depots
- The factory contains trucks, forklifts, water tanks, backup engines, fuel tanks, control and control rooms, maintenance workshops, spare parts depots, fire extinguishing system, central control, workers' homes and the administration building.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 1604 Amman, 11821 Jordan
Tel: +962 6 586 5682
Fax: +962 6 586 5942