Al Jazeera Agricultural Company was founded in 2003 and includes Breeders Farms, Broiler farms, Hatchery and a Feed-Mill Factory.




 1. Breeders Farms:

- The project was divided into two separate units—the breeding unit and the production unit. The production unit contains 6 farms built with a complete infrastructure and equipped with the best and latest technology in the poultry industry to guarantee ideal and safe conditions for quality chicken production. 

2. Boiler farms

Boiler farms started in 2006 with the establishment of chick farms with production capacity of 16 million annually, supplied with full bio-security specifications. The broiler sector comprises 3 main sites that contain a separate cultivation farm equipped with a complete infrastructure. It contains the latest technology the poultry industry has to offer, to confirm the heat, humidity and ventilation conditions for giving medicines and vaccines. It also includes a maintenance workshop equipped with a water well, a center for receipt and delivery, a reception building and a building for security to prevent the entry of unauthorized visitors.

Considering the increased demand in local markets for broiler chickens, as well as the development of the regional industry, the company decided to expand the broiler farms in 2014-2015, when it established 4 new sites for the breeding of chick with a capacity of 11.2 million chicks annually. Production has since to reach 28 million chicks annually.

At the beginning of 2017, Al Jazeera Company launched the first local project with the construction of a new site with cages under the latest and the highest international standards for the poultry industry with a capacity of 2,900,000 chicks annually to reach about 30 million chicks.

3. Al Jazeera Hatchery

The construction of the Al Jazeera Hatchery in 2003 began to incubate the egg products produced from the mother farms to satisfy the needs of the company and the local market. The project includes an isolated building supplied with the latest heating and cooling equipment, reception halls, egg sorting and egg storage warehouse, as well as hatchery and sorting rooms, an area dedicated to vaccines, a wash basin, a backup generator, a water purification plant, a maintenance facility, and a storage facility for spare parts. The hatchery production capacity reaches 25 million annual, which are housed in the company's farms. 

4. Feed Mill factory:

In order to integrate the production and nutrition needs of poultry for the ancestors, mothers and broiler sectors of the company, Al Jazeera established a plant dedicated to national production of fodder crops in 2006, meeting the company’s then current and future needs. The plant produces feed for grandparents, mothers and broilers to cover the company's domestic and export to local markets.

The plant has four main processing lines: the crunching line, the mixing line, the concentrates line, and the granulator line, which together provides all the plant feed mixtures with the highest conversion rates. Additionally, it contains the refrigerated raw materials warehouse, the corn silos, the special feed conveyors, a water purification plant, backup engines, fuel tanks, workers' housing, administration building and laboratory. Materials are transported by means of feeding tanks with spiral hoists to the feed access points. The plant capacity reaches 25 tons per hour.

In order to ensure the desired quality of the product, a specialized laboratory has been established adhering to the highest international standards, becoming one of the first in the Middle East. It examines all production inputs, including the final product, and matches all infrared device specifications.

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