To our absolute belief in the need to provide poultry of the highest quality and in the widest possible spread to the Jordanian citizens, we have created a network of Al-Ezz stores , which was founded in 2010 to directly serve the Jordanian consumer.

Al-Ezz Poultry Stores chain aims to provide a wide range of retail outlets to meet the needs of the consumer. The sites are equipped with the best technical capabilities of cooling refrigerators and storage to ensure the provision of fresh and frozen poultry at the best level in addition to the availability of qualified staff with the highest level of training to provide the best service in addition to the quality provided.

Al-Ezz Poultry is raised in specialized farms that apply strict biosecurity procedures through the advanced veterinary unit. It also relies on the plant feed in the feeding system. The slaughter is carried out in an integrated slaughterhouse according to the latest methods in the Middle East.

Currently, the Ezz Poultry Company owns 92 sites in most of the Kingdom's governorates, in addition to 24 authorized selling points from the Kingdom's merchants, which are working to provide various varieties of poultry directly to the Jordanian consumer.

Al Ezz processed food:

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